So apparently my server got hacked, currently trying to find out how, why and by whom. The message left was:



So yeah.. bugger!

It appears I was running an old version of DotProject which was vulnerable to RFI. The hackers used this to create a defaced index page. It appears this was all they did, but I’m still going to update all software, and change passwords on the server.

If you’ve had the same problem, I suggest updating DotProject, or any other software you have on your server, forums, cms’ etc.

I was going to design a new summer theme for my blog last night, but obviously I was tied up sorting this crap out. I’m glad no real damage has been done, but it doesn’t half piss me off that they just deface any website for no reason. Granted, it alerted me to the fact that there was a vulnerability, but hey, there’s a contact form on here.. send me an email!

So hopefully if I’m not out this eve I’ll get on with a wordpress theme, I’m also working on a little tech project in VB and using my webcam to create a musical instrument >=D.

More Blog Soon.

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