Snow in December?

We had a blizzard last night and Brighton was covered in snow! It very rarely snows here at all so it was a bit of a delight. I wasted no time (after I was told not to go into work) in building a snowman. He is Blaine, and he’s very dangerous.


I also figured I’d take a shot out of my window..


Snow is great, I’m just gutted I don’t have my snowboard so I could go find a hill somewhere!

MultiLinkr – Convert Rapidshare URLs to Links

I got fed up of copy and pasting loads of Rapidshare URLs into new tabs in Firefox. I have the DownThemAll addon, so I figured, why not make something to convert all those URLs into links so that I can set them all going at once. is an easy tool for converting a page full of useless URLs into clickable links.

The Secret to Letting Go and Moving On

A new fantastic book has just been published that I recommend to everyone.

I’ve always been a big dreamer, my sleep has always been filled with vivid, crazy and exciting dreams – and I loved it! After the girl I loved left me, I stopped dreaming completely. For months I woke up,  feeling like I’d had no sleep, exhausted and depressed. The concepts and ideas within this book helped me take back control my emotions and my life. Not only did I let go of all anger and bitterness towards her, but I forgave myself for the mistakes that I blamed the breakup on. I have moved on, have never been happier and once again have incredible dreams!

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A few changes here & there…

I don’t like that my content of my blog is all squished up so I’m going to drop down to one side column and stretch the content wider so It gives more space.

I’m doing this because I have the intention of doing some more tutorials for CSS / HTML / jQuery and Photoshop so figure having more content space will be nice.

Currently, I’m working on a couple of cool projects in my spare time, one I’m working on won’t be out for a while, but should be a laugh once it’s done!

Again, I know this is a bit of a mini-blog, but will get back with some more interesting stuff shortly!

Moving… again!

I’m supposedly moving house this weekend, I’ve only been in my current place for 4 months, but I knew that I’d have to move out because the land lady is putting students in.

Not moving too far away, much closer to my brother, but significantly further from work, so I can no longer wake up 15 minutes before I start! Think I might get a bike.

I’m hoping (once I’ve settled in), to get myself a nice Keyboard so I can start writing and playing some music again.

So yeah, i’ll write an update in a few days once the move has gone smoothly.