Microsoft Bing – Image Search

So I’ve been playing around with Microsoft Bing today, just with the image search, and I actually really like it!

I’m as suprised as you, I really expected something boring, unintuitive and useless. I figured it wouldn’t be really any different to Google’s search, but with worse results.  Au contraire!
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Bing – Microsoft’s Last Ditch Attempt at the Search Engine Market

Bing, is the new name for yet another re-launch Windows Live (MSN) Search, the search engine provided by Microsoft as a rival to Google.

Microsoft are launching an $80M – $100M ad campaign for the launch which is to occur in June.

Who knows what they’re USP is, currently Live Search isn’t particularly attractive to me personally, in that I mean, they’ve not convinced me to change my home page from google to live search.

Let’s wait and see what they do with Bing.

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