Snowboarding in Les Arcs

I’m off this evening… well 4am Sunday morning actually, to Gatwick and then on to Grenoble!

I’ll be away Snowboarding until next Sunday so there will probably be a lack of bloggage, unless of course there’s wifi in the chalet, and then I’ll try and upload some photos from my phone (although that never seems to work).

Hopefully, I won’t break anything that I require to do my new job (which is going well by the way). But maybe I’ll improve on my boarding skills which are somewhat limited as I’ve only really been once … well ok I did a whole season in New Zealand but I’m still not that great.

Anywho, I’ll be back in a week.


So amazingly, we finally had a massive dump of snow here in Queenstown!

It’s been a while so this fresh powder is most welcome and Queenstown has suddenly come alive again, the mountain was packed, though with such a large fall, we could board anywhere on the mountain and we’d fall knee deep in fresh powder, so we managed to keep away from the crowds (luckily the schools were still open).

Unfortunately I couldn’t find anyone to cover my shift at work, so I had to get down the mountain for 4pm, luckily my cheese on toast making skills are second to none, so having a shower at the same time was easy. Completely jealous of Joie who stayed up the mountain to do night skiing – which should be bloody awesome because of the snow.

Ah well, I guess sitting at work isn’t all that bad… wait, yes it is.

Pictures soon!