Free RPG Music Pack – Part 1

I have created a selection of free RPG music for your pleasure, it is available under the Creative Commons License.

Enjoy, and if you use it, please let me know!

Free RPG Music Pack Part 1 (Click to Listen)

Ancient Forest

Cloud Top – Loopable

Corn Fields

Meadow of the Past


Free RPG Music Pack Part 2

Part 2 is currently under construction, but will contain the following pieces;

A Tale of Two

The Time Has Come

Funeral for a Hero

Fading Samurai

Free RPG Music Pack Part 3

Part 3 is currently under construction, but will contain the following pieces;

Misty Lake

The Story

Village Life



If you enjoy these pieces, or find a use for them, please comment below.

Please Note: These pieces are completely free, however if you wish to donate a pint or two, it might encourage me to finish off the set sooner! So just hit the donate button below :)

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93 thoughts on “Free RPG Music Pack – Part 1”

  1. I love your music thanks! :D i am working on a game and i could really use this set of music! I’m wondering if you will allow me to use this music! Thank you!

    1. Hey,
      Yeah of course you can use it, as long as you follow the license.

      Glad you like it, let me know how it works out for you :)

  2. I click the download button but it doesn’t work.

    It sends me to a blank page that plays the song.

  3. I really like the last 3 of them but I’ll most probably use all off them for my game (If its not bothering you that is :P)

  4. I’m making a big (free of course) RPG game.
    Thank you! All of these tracks will be heared in that game.
    I will sent you a downloadlink when game is ready!

  5. Wow, this is quite beautiful. Was making a Warcraft 3 multiplayer map, but decided to shift to an RPG, and this music is not only great, but gave me a few ideas.

    Thanks man, and I’ll be sure to go through the license. I plan to distribute the map on a non-commercial website, and I’ll be sure to include you in the top of the credits, as well as post a link to your site.

    Keep it coming.

  6. Thank you everyone. I have recently been looking at the second part of the set, so I’ll hopefully have part 2 soon!

    In the mean time, if you want to encourage me to get this music done, feel free to buy a beer for some inspiration!

    Just click the donate button:

    Thanks for your support!

  7. Most brilliant RPG music ever. Added Ancient Forest to the homepage and mentioned the song and you + your blog at the bottom of it. Your Music is brilliant and when I make a Jukebox when the games released Ill put your songs in and mention you along with your blog! I hop part 2 finishes soon!

    Thankyou for your music

  8. Hello, I’m a video game maker (RPG to be exact) and I love your songs and was wondering of i could use them. You will be given full credit if you will just send your name so i know who to give credit too.

    Thank you,

  9. Awesome muzic!!

    I am making a game for a contest, so I can’t use protected music.
    This music is even better than protected music, and it rocks!!!

    Thank man!

  10. Announcing the launch of the Xyzzy website! I have content such as screenshots, story, and even a map editor to help create awareness. I am posting the songs here on there, with full credit to you, to help fatten my content sections.

  11. This music is beautyfull! and i love Meadow of the Past. What a music !
    I would like to use them in a rpg game that i’m making.
    if you dont mind.
    Thanks. in advance.

  12. You are very talented. I also stumbled upon your site while looking for game music. I doubt I will ever release it though. It is just because when I was younger I always wanted to make one. If I do though, it will surely be under the GPL. Great choice in license BTW ;)

  13. I love this, absolutely fantastic. Really looking forward to part 2 (If there will be one). I’ve recommended this to some fellow flash developers for RPGs, license will be followed and credit given, this is absolutely excellent!

  14. dude you are so bookmarked i hope to see some battle music from you soon these tracks are sweet and ill make sure everyone knows where they came from

  15. Thanks guys, glad you enjoy it. I would LOVE to finish the second part of the pack but unfortunately I don’t have the time or even a keyboard to write the music.

    There are a few pieces that only need a little bit of work and as soon as I’m not so busy I plan on buying a keyboard

    and continuing production.



  16. I am making a website for my web art class. It is going to be a upside down RPG choose your own adventure. Is this music ok to use as a personal website background music.

  17. Hello there!

    I listened to your music lately and I found it very nice! I was wondering if I could use it for a school project?

  18. Why, hello you!
    We are currently creating a RPG and I need free music, because if not, my teacher will brutally torture us and then throw us to the alligators. :P
    I like your music too, can I use it for our game? Thank you!

    1. You can use it in your game, feel free to sell the game, just not the music by itself. Part 2 is 60% done, I’m waiting to get myself a new keyboard so I can continue writing it :)

    1. I use a mix of software, Anvil Studio for some midi writing. Then tuned up using Fruity Loops to add dynamics / effects / sound fonts :)

  19. Dude, I freacking love this songs… are you planning on finishing those other 2 packs?? o_o

  20. Great work, I love it, and I have found it very useful. If I do end up using it, I will be sure to mention you! Keep it up, and thanks a lot! This is one of the best resources I’ve used for a while!

  21. The music is great. I’m going to use it in my RPG Maker game. You are very talented and I have to say thank you because I’ve been looking for a good title screen song for a week. Looking forward to Pack 2 and 3. You’ll be in the credits I promise.

  22. These are amazing, If you are okay with it I would like to use this on a RPG I am creating. Thanks! If you have anymore hiding somewhere then please tell me your the best author I have ever found!

  23. thank you so much! I tried making my own music but it turned out like crud :P Where can i find a good music creator. (i do play the piano and the alto sax :P) thanks!

  24. First, thank you very much for making these tracks available.

    I have a question regarding the GPL and embedding your music into a game. The GPL applies to software and requires any derived work to also be released under the GPL. This implies that any game that includes your music must also be released under the GPL.

    If this was not your intent, would you consider licensing these works under a Creative Commons license, which is specifically designed for audio and visual arts (rather than software)? For example:

    Thank you again for making your talents available to us!

  25. Yep, I did use it. You will find it on the Scratch (, under “RPG game” by “zeefeene” and also soon on, or a link from there to the page on Scratch. By the way, I hate Scratch, I think it is a terrible program that needs a lot of work before it becomes anything worth using.

  26. I first listened to and loved this music over a year ago now when I was studying IT (Gaming) in High School. I’ve just stumbled on to the page again, and I still can’t wait for the second set. :)

    They’re such amazing pieces, I’m jealous. ;D My composition skills aren’t even half as good. Haha.

  27. Your music is amazing! I’m using this in a massive RPG I’m creating, and this is perfect! I can’t wait for your second part.

  28. I am very pleased to have encountered your music and you are generous to extend its use for free (with proper acknowledgment). You have composed fine work. Where are you in relation to releasing Part 2 or 3 pieces? It is not much, but I will commit to donating $10 if you are able to release one or two more under Part 2 or 3 in the near future. Thank you.

  29. These are just the most amazing pieces I have heard! I’ve been looking so hard for good, free music for my GBA RPG =D You. Are. Amazing!

  30. Awesome music! But how do you download it? because when I click on download it just opens a new screen where the music starts playing… I’ll leave credit on my game for you.

  31. Hey Dayjo,

    It’s me who thank you for your music. I really hope you will have the possibility to make the other parts of the music. It already sounds great.

    PS. I didn’t forget to put your name in the credits of my game :). You can see it at the end of the game.

  32. This is great – thank you very much for providing your talent under an open license. I’m starting up my own MMORPG and used Ancient Forest as the score to my first video:

    You’re duly credited in the description. Looking forward to Packs 2 & 3!

  33. cool musics! i really appreciate it! thank you very much! i’m creating a rpg so i decided to use yours!

  34. This music is awesome! I am still listening to it 3 months later! Have you started your new album? It would be great! Good luck with your project

  35. Thanks alot. I really needed music for my new RPG. (Dominus Omnes: Orgins) It’s my first RPG and it will probably be small, especially considering my time constraits. I’m programming it in VB10. You’re going in the top of the credits! Can’t wait for pack 2 and 3!

  36. Joel, your music is fantastic. Like many of your fans, we have taken you up on your offer to include your music in our RPG, “Last Dream”, available at and we will credit you accordingly. I hope you find time to complete your second and third additions.

  37. Hi Joel,

    thank you for your wonderful music.
    I just want to leave the note, that I’ve used most of pack 1 for a small HTML5 RPG game dedicated to the world wide scavenger hunt “Geocaching”.

    You can find the game under the following link:

    It’s mostly in German, because it’s for a Geocache in Germany.
    Also I linked back to your site.

    Best regards from Germany,

  38. hello thanks for this music i am using this in my 2d rpg game for android that i am making it has saved me alot of time in making it as i am a developer that is making it from scratch when i release to the market in a few months i will post a link here and let you know.

  39. These are wonderful and, if I’m not mistaken, one of them is used in RuneScape. I can’t wait for the other two packs and will be sending you a free copy of a game as thanks for making such high quality sounds free.

  40. These are amazing! I am a brand new Pathfinder GM (first time gm – long time player) and I was tearing my hair out looking for good music! Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful resource to all of us who strive for excellence in a gaming experience!

  41. This is the coolest free music ever, I’m using it for youtube videos and they are all epic. Keep making them!

  42. WOW! I love this sooooo much. A lot like some of the other people here, I will use all of this in an RPG I’m making. You’re a star!

  43. I love this music, I will be using them for my RPG game, it is a side project.. but I will put you guys in my credits, awesome Music! Keep it Going!

  44. Hi Dayjo,

    Just wanted to let you know, I used one of your songs (Ancient Forest) in a Flash game thing I made! Here’s the link if you’re interested — — though your music doesn’t come up until the third quarter of the game (you can hire a bard to play it throughout all the battles in the Forest). So, thanks for making it available and for writing a perfectly atmospheric piece to listen to while killing some wolves =P

  45. Amazing pieces, I’ve been working on a game (rpg) and plan on using these pieces. Credit will be given! Can’t wait for part 2!

  46. Hi Dayjo great music you have, i just have a question can i use this music as a background music for mi youtube channel? thanks

  47. They are totally lovely! I will use some of them in my individual project. When I release mine I will leave a reply the link. Thanks.

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