Ocarina of Time Music – Vocal Remakes

I decided it would be fun to remake some of the music from The Legend of Zelda – Ocarina of Time using only my vocals. The mp3s are put in flash players, or you can click Download to download directly to your computer.

OOT House Theme

It’s not all that great, it was my first attempt and getting the timing right is very difficult when you haven’t heard the music for so long!

OOT Lost Woods

Secondly I tried something a little more difficult, but I feel it came out a little better, this is the Lost Woods theme;

OOT LonLon Escape

The latest edition to the collection is a short piece which is played when you rescue (or steal) Epona from LonLon Ranch.

Depending on what people think, I may create some more, let me know which songs you’d like to hear done this way anyway.

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