I have just discovered the wordpress iPhone application, which certainly helps the fact that I currently do not have internet at home (one of the most frustrating things in the world).

I’ve been sat in a cafe since 10am this morning, trying to use their Internet, however it’s about as reliable as the Internet that we don’t have in our house.

Thank god I bought an iPhone. It’s been nothing but a blessing (apart from when it hasn’t, which quite possibly could have just been entirely my fault).

There’s pretty good 3g signal here in Brighton so I do get emails, and can check facebook (why I would though I have no clue), so it’s not all bad! The only thing really that annoys me is trying to run a web-based business without the Internet, although I must say I’m doing pretty well considering!

There’s a few things that the iPhone is missing in my oppinion;

File handling – a simple way to manage any kind of file, to transfer to and from computers/email etc is the only real reason I need to come to a cafe and use my laptop.

Google Doc Support – which I blame entirely on google. No doubt this won’t be an issue for long, but I really would like to be able to write docs and spreadsheets!

Flash Support – speaks for itself. As a web designer, this really sucks!

I have much to do and not much time, so i’ll get on, and hopefully blog a little more now I can do so from my new best friend.

Thanks apple.