How do you hide uTorrent? [ANSWERED]

I’ve been wondering for a while now, how to hide uTorrent from the system tray, it seems it’s fairly simple, but google’s results are completely unhelpful and most of the first page leads to forums that go off-topic, or yahoo answers which result mainly in “you cant.”.

Truth is, you can, and it’s extremely easy!

To hide uTorrent from the system tray, do the following;

  • Open up the Preferences dialog by clicking Options > Preferences (Press CTRL + P).
  • Under “General” in the “Privacy” Fieldset click on the “Boss-Key” input box.
  • Now press the key combination you wish to use to Show / Hide uTorrent.
  • Click Apply / OK.

Now, to show or hide uTorrent, simply press your chosen key combination.

hide uTorrent in uTorrent preferences
uTorrent preferences screen.

15 thoughts on “How do you hide uTorrent? [ANSWERED]”

    1. Hmm, good point.

      Try opening up regedit and locating the start up key for uTorrent;
      And add ” /hide” to the uTorrent key in that folder so it looks like;
      “C:\INSTALLPATH\uTorrent.exe /hide”
      Not sure whether this will work or not, but it might do :)
      Let me know and I’ll add it to the post.

      Turns out that didn’t work, sorry!

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