Life After Crap

My Dad is starting up a new website called Life After Crap. It will be a haven for stories and resources about ( and written by ) people who have gotten through crap in their life, to help those who may be going through the same stuff.

He needs your help though, he’s looking to get a decent amount of stories before launching the site, so if you’ve ever gotten through something you thought was crap, write it down, write how you got through it, and send it off to him.

2 thoughts on “Life After Crap”

  1. Hey :) your new theme looks neat, I like the blue comment & note boxes, you have the perfect color tones to introduce some really crazy insane photos for things

    I saw this on Digg the other day & thought it was interesting Usability

    Me & my girlfriend are talking about moving away from California, possibly England or somewhere so maybe I’ll have to get your wisdom on all of that

    Cya around man,

    ~ Loren

  2. DONT move to england XD Go somewhere cool like Oz or NZ or like Japan haha :P

    And yeah, I keep up to date with Smashing Magazine, it’s a fantastic source of information and useful links.

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