No new vnStat data fix

My latest node project streams a lot of video and therefore uses a hell of a lot of bandwidth on the server (well, a lot more than I’ve dealt with before), so I wanted to get an idea of exactly how much bandwidth I was using.

I’m using a DigitalOcean VM running Ubuntu with vnStat to monitor my bandwidth usage.

vnstat data

vnStat reports are pretty good, and it started to give me an idea of how much bandwidth I’d use a day, however I ran into a recurring issue where vnStat data would stop after a few days, as if the service had stopped (though it hadn’t). The live logs worked fine, so clearly vnStat was running fine, but for some reason just not saving any new data.

vnStat Data is back!

It turns out that there was no new vnStat data after a day or two because of the MaxBandwidth setting in the vnstat.conf file. I couldn’t find a log, or a status that could tell me this, but I just did lots of hunting and managed to find it.

After setting MaxBandwidth to 0 (unlimited), the logs immediately started appearing again, and hopefully will continue to log without fail.

vnstat.conf screenshot

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