Ordering a Pizza from Dominos.co.uk – a brief summary

What happened

  1. Entered home post code.
  2. Added two (customised) pizzas to the basket as it was “Two for Tuesday”.
  3. Re-added two (customised) pizzas to the basket via the Deals page.
  4. Got the checkout, tried to change post code because I wasn’t home.
  5. Told different stores deliver to different post codes so would have to start again.
  6. Entered new post code (same store).
  7. Re-re-added two (customised) pizzas to the basket via the Deals page.
  8. Forced to choose one of the incorrect addresses from the address list they offer based on the post code.
  9. Enter ‘extra delivery info’ to explain the actual address and buzzer code.

What should have happened

  1. Enter incorrect postcode.
  2. Add two (customised) pizzas to the basket ( it’s a day-wide deal, apply it automatically ).
  3. Checkout and change post code (If there’s a problem, show an error).
  4. Wait 18 seconds for the pizza to arrive.

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