The Recommended Links [Part 1]

Parker and Stella

Me, wearing krebits coutesy of Parker and Stella.
Me, wearing krebits coutesy of Parker and Stella.

Parker and Stella, is the t-shirt making, environmentally conscious website of my boss, Cynthia Friedemann.

She found and purchased the design off of a templates site (something I definitely wouldn’t recommend). Purchased designs tend to simply be Photoshop splices, which are both unfriendly, unhelpful and completely messy.



However, being my task to put the site together, I did my best to keep to the original design, while allowing it to be more user/tech-friendly. I had to dabble in a few things that I’ve not really had any experience in. Flash for starters is definitely not my forte, so adjusting the flash file to work with the AJAX content system was certainly an obstacle to say the least.

I also had to integrate a shopping cart system (again, not my favourite part of web-dev), so having to learn from scratch about cubecart, and having it also work with my AJAX system was nothing but a pain. Did I mention that I hate PayPal SandBox?

Final Outcome

So after all the confusion and stress, we finally came up with a website (although slightly compromised from the original idea), that works, and it’s always nice when a product is finished.

So check it out, and purchase some eco-friendly, bamboo, soft as hell shirts and make the world a smilier place.