Foscam IP Camera Tool, Question Marks


While configuring a Foscam IP Camera (FI8918W) for a client, I had some problems when needing to change the router.

When trying to access the camera settings via the Foscam IP Camera Tool, the dialog was in some way broken displaying a load of question marks in place of text, and broken message “Subnet doesn’t match, dbcli   M”.

Slightly broken Foscam Camera IP Tool camera list dialog.
Slightly broken Foscam IP Camera Tool camera list dialog.
Broken Foscam IP Camera Tool Dialog full of question marks.
Broken Foscam IP Camera Tool Dialog full of question marks.

I could only assume that something wasn’t loading the correct language file, causing the ?? but for “IP” to remain the same.

I tried using the Foscam IP Camera Tool on my Mac and had the same problem.

Attempting to fix it with Foscam

After re-installing the application and having the same problem I decided to contact Foscam directly. Unfortunately they were unable to help and actually suggested that the camera be returned to the retailer for replacement.

I refused to believe that the camera had been damaged in any way, as it has been static on the ceiling of a barber shop for over a year with no problems.


I tried many combinations of re-installing, trying different computers e.t.c.

I realised that I had the camera plugged directly into my PC. This was a vital mistake, although the camera does appear on the list when you have it plugged in directly to your machine, that’s not how to configure it!

Connecting the camera to the router was the sane move, and allowed the camera to join the network causing it to appear on the IP Camera Tool list of cameras, then when double clicking the camera the dialog worked as expected.


I have successfully re-installed the same camera on yet another new router without any further problems.



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