One thought on “sick…”

  1. Hey Man!

    Glad to see ya got a blog going on – I love it!

    Its strange to think this world grows and changes so quickly – how do you guys make it in New Zealand? It seems like it’d be hard – but maybe its like jumping into the pool, we know it’s going to be cold, but its easier to do than think about doing it

    Believe it or not I’m doing custom websites, revolving around WordPress right now, so I’m theming custom sites, and looking into doing plugins as well – its amazing that theres only 400 official themes for the biggest website / blogging tool on the internet.

    Aside from that I started a Computer Repair business and am doing well with that. – Aurora and I are enjoying life and next year we plan on getting off this depressed californian rock and cruising or visiting different areas of the world!! I’m excited I’m gonna send you a pic of us,

    Here’s a theme I just finished

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