Bing – Microsoft’s Last Ditch Attempt at the Search Engine Market

Bing, is the new name for yet another re-launch Windows Live (MSN) Search, the search engine provided by Microsoft as a rival to Google.

Microsoft are launching an $80M – $100M ad campaign for the launch which is to occur in June.

Who knows what they’re USP is, currently Live Search isn’t particularly attractive to me personally, in that I mean, they’ve not convinced me to change my home page from google to live search.

Let’s wait and see what they do with Bing.

Please see my followup post here: Microsoft Bing – Image Search

Google Chrome

So, we all knew it was going to happen at some point, it was just a matter of when.. and I have to say, I’m surprised, it’s just what they promised, clean, simple and FAST!

I’m still tryign to get used to the tabs being at the top, but it makes so much sense, it almost converts your computer into a web-browser but gives simplicity and cleanliness a new meaning! 

I LOVE the concept behind Chrome.. it’s true that browsers need a complete re-think, Firefox started some pretty sweet movements in the browser industry, and Google are just the people to do it, they’ve implimented the great features of Firefox (the awesome bar like address bar), the solid, smooth running  of Google apps and the inginuity of Google itself.

They’ve created a beautiful little app, that admittidly is a beta, and has a long way to go… but they’ve thought long and hard, and done a pretty sweet job… 

I think I’ll stick with Firefox for now, perhaps until a portable version of Chrome comes out, and there are some plugins/addons like firebug etc.

Download Chrome Here