This Morning

So yesterday we finally sold our car! Yay, no more things to worry about, just 2 weeks to go and we’ll be on our way home.

Obviously, we have to get around somehow, luckily it’s pretty easy to hitch-hike around here, and we always picked up hitchers when we had the car, so we figure we’re owed a few lifts.

Anyway, back to this morning, firstly, I woke up late.. never a good thing, 15 minutes before I start work (the drive is about 7/8 minutes into town). I grab a shower and leg it out the door get out onto the road and stick my thumb out.

Normally (well, in comparison to the last couple days), I’d stick my thumb out and not be waiting more than a couple of minutes before I’d get a lift, but clearly today people were being extra bastardy.

25 minutes later (10 minutes AFTER I was supposed to start work) a car pulls in and I sit down on the chair, only to realise the girls passenger seat is soaking wet! eww! so I’m like propping myself up hoping I don’t get too wet… all of sudden i realise the tops of my legs are wet where my bag is.. I touch the bottom of my bag and freak out, quickly I open it up and discover that the entire contents of my water bottle emptied out into the bag as I stood waiting for a lift, pouring all over my arse and starts dripping out the bottom of the bag.

As I get out of the car and turn around to thank the driver, I notice that I’ve left a full-on ass-shaped puddle on her seat, but I ignore it and run because I have to get to work, ass soaking wet, legs soaking wet, 10 minutes late for work, hungry, tired and praying that no one is waiting outside the door.

5 minutes of bending over in the bathroom under the hand dryer just didn’t quite do it, so now I’m sitting on a pair of old towels..


Have a better day than me!

-Dayjo / Joel

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