Anti Snore Shirt

Amazingly I discovered the Anti Snore Shirt which actually stops snoring and can cure sleep apnea.

It was recently featured on Dragons Den and the Rachel Rae show and offers a 100% money back guarantee.

The t-shirt is a simple but genius invention – it has 3-4 foam rolls on the back of it which deter the wearer from sleeping on their back.

The anti snore shirt has extensive medical support and is recommended by sleep doctors and dentists to help stop snoring, based on positional therapy.

There are several designs for men and women including a bumper pack – with either an iron-on patch or strap around.

There are 2 anti snore shirts designed for women. One for regular snorers, the other was designed specifically for pregnant women, to make it easier for them to sleep on their sides during the 2nd half of pregnancy.

From only $37/�20 you too can enjoy a quiet and peaceful night sleep, stop snoring and feel as good as your deserve to by having a full night sleep.

Below is a direct link to the website which should answer all your questions on sleep apnea, snoring and the anti snore shirt. The website allows you to place an order for delivery anywhere in the world! Delivery to the UK has just lowered to $11.

The t-shirt makes a great gift and if nothing else it’s a guaranteed laugh.

For a 10% Discount Code, please visit or, to just buy it straight from the manufacturer go to

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