Busy busy busy bored…

When you work full time Monday – Friday as a web developer, more often than not coming back and doing more web development isn’t the most enticing idea.

However, funnily enough I still enjoy doing it. A lot of the freelance work I’m doing at the moment is pretty varying, from simply putting up content pages to designing content management systems.

Unfortunately for me, I have a few projects of my own that are currently having to be put on the back-burner (Petals for one), but I’m actually able to assign some work on Petals features to a freelance project that I’m doing (which is both handy, and exactly why I’m working on Petals in the first place), subsidising work to save both my client and I time and money.

As for other projects, such as the RPG Music Pack, again this is on the back-burner due to lack of time, inspiration and the fact that I don’t have a keyboard to write with. I did, however just go and buy myself a Double Bass which is ridiculously fun (and strenuous on the wrist and fingers). It’s definitely started giving me some musical inspiration so hopefully soon I’ll pluck up the courage to invest some more money in a keyboard.

It’s not that money is tight, but my financial management skills are seriously lacking *looks at £70 Sainsbury’s shop*.

My lack of free time has left what [free] time I tend to take kind of empty, generally I don’t have enough time to sit down and think about writing music, so I end up wasting an hour watching an episode of 24 (currently on season 5, episode 6), or playing Left 4 Dead (2) .  Luckily this bank holiday has given me that extra weekend-time to partially organise myself and do a few things I’ve been meaning to for a while, so potentially there’ll be less of a lag on my to do list!

Anywho,  I’ve had myself a break, best get back to work.

2 thoughts on “Busy busy busy bored…”

  1. Hey chum, you’re still a lot more organised than I can ever be. =P

    Sorry the ZS site project has slipped between the cracks. I still want to get moving on that once my home internet is set up. Got a couple more tiny ideas for the management system (eg. some simple ways to make a tag-cloud more customisable); hopefully no issues so far with that big List Of Demands document I wrote a while back??

    Double-bass *drooolll* I can’t play too well but the bass is almost always my favourite part of writing music. Oh boy, there’s a nice Squire Telecoustic at the pawn shop a couple blocks away… don’t tempt me further…

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