Glype Proxy Theme – Clouds

I decided to design a little theme for Glype Proxy (

As far as I can tell, it is fully compatible with;

  • Firefox 3.0.6
  • Google Chrome
  • Opera 9.63
  • Safari(PC) 3.2.1

So yes, that leaves out Internet Explorer. I may adjust it to be IE compatible, but for now, you’ll just have to use a better browser.


Download Now ( 70kb)

16 thoughts on “Glype Proxy Theme – Clouds”

    1. Great :). Yes I do intend to work on some others, similarly simple too. Not sure when I’ll get a chance due to my new job, but subscribe to my RSS feed to keep an eye out!


    1. Well, the link is appreciated, but I guess not required. There’s no license on the theme, it’s completely open-source MIT style. I see you link to your blog, so maybe you could just post a link on a post there? :)

      Glad you like it.

  1. i would like to have a list of proxies who use this skin.
    now, when i write this i not have the script installed. i´ll w8 till i have time 4 it.

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