Kernow and getting stuck in a

I will be going back down to Cornwall  on Monday for a week which should be nice. Hopefully the weather will stay good as I intend on doing nothing but beaching, golfing and eating pasties.

Had a funny conversation with the guys at work today about thinking about every day things in code. For instance, at the pub;

while ( !empty('glass') ){

or some basic decision making;

var thedrink = "Water";

if ( in_stock("Guiness") ){
    thedrink = "Guiness";
} elseif (in_stock("Corona")) {
    thedrink = "Corona";
} elseif (in_stock("Pepsi")) {
    thedrink = "Pepsi";


What came from this conversation was a sudden realisation that sometimes we just find ourselves thinking in code at the most random (and inappropriate) times.

It also turned out that one of the guys has dreamed about code before.. so much so that the entire dream was him getting physically stuck in a


I thought this was fantastic, and am now trying to write myself a function so that I can guarantee that I dream about code.

while ( time() > 2200 && time() < 2359 ){

Might just do the job…

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