I’ve finally moved house, out of various circumstances. It’s nice to have cable internet finally :) nice and fast, so probably will get a bit more blogging going on. I intend to design a couple more Glype themes (and possibly WordPress themes also), write some new handy Greasemonkey scripts, and possibly even write a couple of film reviews.

I’m heading to an Internet Marketing conference next weekend which should be interesting, hopefully it’ll get me inspired to do one of the many projects I have in the bottom draw of my desk, or possibly come up with some new ones!

There’s not much news, I’ve been working on a really cool web-based IDE for work. It’s the kind of system that basically is used to write itself aswell as other applications, which can be both confusing and skynet scary haha, but once complete, it should speed up the team’s development significantly, but also allow us to extend both the current development system, and itself.

poker time.. more blog soon…

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