The Recommended Links [Part 2]

The Bathhouse Restaurant

The Bathhouse Restaurant is a fantastic lakeside restaurant, aimed at a fine-dining experience.

The Bathhouse’s old website was ugly to say the least, it was one of those Microsoft Publisher websites with horribly textured buttons, and horrendously poor quality photos.

The brief was; to design a simple and sleek website that was easy to navigate, and could hold plenty of content.

After having some discussions with the Creative Director, we came up with a very simple, dark theme, using 2 fonts that she’d chosen. Unfortunately for me, the fonts she wanted to use aren’t standard web-fonts, which means either flash or images :(.

Due to simplicity and the fact that she is experienced in Photoshop, we went with images, after resizing, resampling, rewording and some redesigning, we managed to put together the site.

Some issues arose when the owner wished to add more pages and we had to recreate the menu to fit in the new links, and merge some pages together, but it went fairly smoothly.

I whipped up a simple contact, reservations and contests system which does the job, and the site is now a dynamic, informative hub for the little round restaurant on the lakeside.

The Bathhouse Restauarant, Queenstown, New Zealand
The Bathhouse Restauarant, Queenstown, New Zealand

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