A few changes here & there…

I don’t like that my content of my blog is all squished up so I’m going to drop down to one side column and stretch the content wider so It gives more space.

I’m doing this because I have the intention of doing some more tutorials for CSS / HTML / jQuery and Photoshop so figure having more content space will be nice.

Currently, I’m working on a couple of cool projects in my spare time, one I’m working on won’t be out for a while, but should be a laugh once it’s done!

Again, I know this is a bit of a mini-blog, but will get back with some more interesting stuff shortly!

One thought on “A few changes here & there…”

  1. I am your blog nazi. I haven’t heard from u in a while, hows life going? Im doing some cool skating stuff here in California.

    Peace Out Bro!

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