The Secret to Letting Go and Moving On

A new fantastic book has just been published that I recommend to everyone.

I’ve always been a big dreamer, my sleep has always been filled with vivid, crazy and exciting dreams – and I loved it! After the girl I loved left me, I stopped dreaming completely. For months I woke up,  feeling like I’d had no sleep, exhausted and depressed. The concepts and ideas within this book helped me take back control my emotions and my life. Not only did I let go of all anger and bitterness towards her, but I forgave myself for the mistakes that I blamed the breakup on. I have moved on, have never been happier and once again have incredible dreams!

The Secret to Letting Go and Moving On

This book will help anyone to neutralise the power of negative emotions that have resulted from some kind of offence or hurt from the past. Most people want to be free from the damaging words of actions of others that cause us pain but just don’t know how. Some people just try to squash stuff down on the inside hoping it will eventually go away. (The author reckons that this can be a cause of depression.) Others let the hurt and pain ‘feed’ the way they think, feel, talk and act. Often this causes more emotional damage and for some can result in a life of frustration, anger and even hatred which can be turned on themselves.

The author reveals why some people seem to be more easily offended than others and how negative childhood experiences can shape an adult’s ability to handle disappointment. He describes the 4 ways that people get ‘offended’ and the resulting negative effects both internally – in terms of their thinking and emotions – and externally in terms of speech and behaviour. He also addresses how negative habits and addictions can result from unresolved offences from the past.

He writes in a compassionate yet challenging style and leaves the reader in no doubt of the solution to letting go and moving on. He gives a clear step by step process for dealing with the past as well as staying free in the future.

If you have ever had any kind of relationship breakdown or break-up that still has pain associated with it (however big or small) this book will show you a way through and out. I know it did for me.

If you know anyone who you feel that this book may help, please send them to the site or buy them a present, I guarantee it’ll change their life.

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