MultiLinkr – Convert Rapidshare URLs to Links

I got fed up of copy and pasting loads of Rapidshare URLs into new tabs in Firefox. I have the DownThemAll addon, so I figured, why not make something to convert all those URLs into links so that I can set them all going at once. is an easy tool for converting a page full of useless URLs into clickable links.

5 thoughts on “MultiLinkr – Convert Rapidshare URLs to Links”

  1. Hey man! How’s it been? I remember you from ZFGC, I was either named Naz, Nazfalas, alexand2, talk2kern, one of those. How’s it been going man? Life treating you well?

  2. Hey man, yeah doing pretty good thanks! Got a sweet job and working on some pretty cool projects at home so its all good! How’ve you been? What you up to as of late? Anything cool?

  3. Excellent! This is what I needed for those annoying 30+parts link to get a single .
    Thanks man.James

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